MIP Properties Sdn Bhd is registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers of Malaysia. We are an innovative and aggressive Real Estate Agency with a highly dedicated team of Real Estate sales consultants providing comprehensive range of real estate related services to individuals, corporate clients and business partners. We understand our clients’ individual and business objectives and work together to achieve creative and practical solutions in delivering excellent results.

Our Philosophy

By Understanding Your Goals

We place great emphasis in understanding the industries that we serve and identifying your specific goals and needs in any given circumstances. We believe that only upon us having obtained a clear understanding of your needs, will our team be able to assist you in achieving your goals in the most efficient manner.

By Getting the Right People

The firm is only as good as the people assigned to handle your real estate needs. Whilst it remains our policy to seek partners and to recruit Real Estate Agents of highest caliber and integrity, recruiting the best is not the end of our quest for excellence. The firm takes it upon itself to ensure that the requisite skills of each Real Estate Agent, including partners, are continuously developed to their fullest potential to assist you in reaching your goals.

By Using the Right Tools

We believe the breakthrough in information and communication technology has changed, and will continue to change the landscape of many industries, including the Real Estate industry. With our extensive use of information technology, we are able to share knowledge, communicate and respond to your needs faster than before.

Our Vision

We will consistently deliver excellent, world-class real estate agent training, recruitment and development programs for the benefit of our people. We will attract the best people to work with us. We will maintain our entrepreneurial drive even as we attain significant size. Our people will share in the success of the company, making our people wealthy and successful. Our people will be enthusiastic, loyal, committed and proud of their profession and company. We will maintain this spirit, even as we become a multi billion ringgit profitable growth company with ten of thousands of people.

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